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Holy vrch

Holy vrch ceske stredohori

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Ceske stredohori

Labe river view

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Navy museum rieka - Croatia

The Navy Museum Rieka is a fantastic place to learn about the history of the Croatian Navy. It was founded in 2002 and it is located in the picturesque city of Rijeka on the Kvarner Bay of the Adriatic Sea. It is the only museum of its kind in Croatia and it has a vast collection of naval objects. The museum offers a wide variety of exhibits and displays that tell the story of Croatia’s near 800-year naval history from its beginnings during the Croatian war of independence to the modern-day Croatian Navy. Visitors to the museum can explore the many different exhibits, ranging from photographs and artifacts from naval battles, displays of historic naval uniforms, models from famous ships, maps from the former Yugoslavian Navy and much more. The museum also has special presentations and interactive displays that teaches visitors about the different aspects of the Croatian Navy and a library containing thousands of books that document the history of the Croatian and Yugoslav Navy. Visitors can also explore the Maritime Museum, located next to the Navy Museum, and discover the beauty and history of the Adriatic Sea. The Navy Museum Rieka is a great place to learn more about the role of the Croatian Navy in its long and proud history.

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Nice sunset photo from car - Croatia 2022

Watching the sunset from the car window is one of the most peaceful and calming activities one can do. As the sun's rays glisten across the sky, you are surrounded by a stunning view of orange, pink and purple hues. You can take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature and the day that's been. As you drive, the sun slowly dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow upon the landscape. You can watch as the sky gradually darkens, and the stars begin to twinkle. You may find yourself feeling refreshed and energized, as if the sun's rays have given you a new lease on life. You may also find yourself with a new appreciation for the beauty of the world around you. No matter how busy your day has been, taking a moment to watch the sunset from the car window is a wonderful way to relax and appreciate the beauty of the world.

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Hospoda na Šumavě

Hospoda na Šumavě

Hospoda Kvilda

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Ceske stredohori

Ceske stredohori

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