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Splendid pictures and view in Pantheon Roma

Splendid pictures and view in Pantheon Roma
If you are looking for a great place to travel and learn about Italy's history, look no further than the Pantheon Roma. This great Roman temple was built between 118 and 125 AD, by the order of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. The Pantheon was dedicated to all the gods of Ancient Rome and was originally built as a temple to the gods Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva. It is one of the best preserved of all the Ancient Roman monuments and has been in continuous use since it was built. Inside the Pantheon, the central dome is the most impressive feature, and it is one of the largest unsupported domes in the world. The interior of the Pantheon is decorated with beautiful frescoes and statues of gods and goddesses, all of which have been wonderfully preserved. The Pantheon has also served as a model for other great monuments throughout the world, such as the United States Capitol. The Pantheon is a must-see when traveling to Rome, as it is a great example of Roman architecture and its history. Visiting the Pantheon will give you a true appreciation of Ancient Rome and its vast history.
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